arry Anderson's
Three Card Monarch

Limited Edition Version


This is the stunning presentation of the three card monte Harry Anderson did on 'Showtime'. It's his take on the oldest swindle in the world, but never before seen like this.

Always wanted to perform the
Three Card Trick but
thought it too small ...?

The cards are a massive 18" x 24", beautifully silk screened in four colours on heavy plastic. A three phase routine with plenty of laughs, shocks and surprises. The size of the cards not only make it visible but clearly make sleight of hand appear impossible!

This can be played up for the comedic value because of the card sizes, played for sympathy as a story of learning and loss or played straight as a swindler. Either way it plays HUGE, is very visible by even the largest of audiences.

"Every year you come up with something really different for our thank you speech and finale and I have to say you topped them all this time. That giant card trick ... how EVER did you do that? ... simply perfect, it was trumps for us."  

~ Nigel T. - Publishing client
at annual Trade Show Breakout Presentation

"Where can I perform this?"

The visibility make this suitable for all occasions whether as a parlour act, in cabaret or part of a stage show. Great compere item, stand alone effect or story interlude in any show.

The folder itself is used as a 'table' during the performance.

"I was apprehensive about you only having 4 minutes to make an impact on such a crowd. They'd been at a conference all day and were facing the presentations after you ... but wow John, you certainly made them wake up again with your BIG card routine."  

James D. - IT Client following my post conference reception performance

I've performed this at many many types of event, all sizes of audience and different performing conditions. Here's just a few:

Cabarets*, Comedy Clubs, Stage Shows,
Informal Cabarets, Parlour Shows, Street Shows*,
Awards Dinners, Presentations, After Dinner Speeches,
Weddings, Product Launches, Trade Shows*...

"John , I know I sold you on the basis of your proposal for last weeks presentation, but I had no idea it would work so perfectly. We are all amazed and delighted with the way you tailored your presentation to our agenda on 'risk taking', your balance of information and comedy was spot on".  

Angela C. - Booking agent for Trade Show

They were manufactured by Hank Lee's Magic Factory under full agreement with Harry Anderson. The cards come in a vinyl carrying case PLUS you get an original form to complete to obtain a certificate of performance rights! You'll also get full illustrated instructions clearly showing all the moves in the three phase routine plus the original patter, line by line.

"OK ... How Much?"

To be honest I no longer recall how much this was when new. But I do know that it was made in limited quantities and is no longer available. I've seen enquiries on chat forums but no offers from anywhere. Even the smaller version called 'Prince' (which retails at around $40.00 plus shipping in the US), has very limited availability and nowhere near the impact of this original.

The routine is excellent ... but it is the sheer size that accounts for 75% of the impact. It's the 'hard to even handle yet alone do anything tricky' that makes this unbelievable. And the routine is beautifully structured to create real astonishment. To be honest, I'd still be doing it at key events, if it wasn't for my arthritis. It's in my fingers, wrists and most joints and simply holding the cards as above is sometimes trick for me (and I hate anything less than great!).

"The managers think they are smart and are often cynical about magic. But I think you've converted them forever! Unusual, interesting, brilliant,  creative, stimulating, novel, thought provoking ... just a few of the comments I heard afterwards".  

~ Leslie S. - Client / Conference organiser

So I am pricing these at a level that represents great value but that will stop anyone not really serious about having them and wasting the opportunity for others. Pros will know the value of this prop and just how unbelievable low the price is. I did offer them on an earlier list but with the limited circulation and priced at 175, I wasn't surprised they didn't sell.

Remember ... this packs pretty small and plays really BIG, big enough for an audience of 8 up to 800!

There are so few of these about ... you have an opportunity to make this a real signature piece in your market.

Condition: The cards are as new. The folder has a small 'tear' at the seam but nothing some tape will not repair.

So ... if you are serious about wanting these ... click here and it'll take you to the page with price details and how to claim it now!

Note: * This cannot be performed 100% surrounded


To your success!

John Gordon
Disappearing Nightly!

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