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'Last Straw' Sale of Magic,
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Close-Up, Mentalism, Cabaret,
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PLUS a private VHS Video collection!


Summer 2009
From The Desk of John Gordon

Dear Magic Friend

Are you interested in grabbing hold of some great magic books, effects and gizmos for bargain prices? If so, read on!

I am selling up most of my collection of essential magic tools and effects and library of lecture notes, quality books and videos. You can purchase individual items (if you move fast) but I am also interested in selling bundles or job lots as I need to raise money now.

All you have to do is to let me know of your interests and I'll send you a list and updates as I catalogue and price them all. If there is anything you are particularly looking for, just as as I may have just what you want and I can reserve it for you!

Here's just a small sample of some things I am selling ...

Books by Gary Kurtz, Paul Harris, Ed Marlo

Books on Illusions

Many Ken Brooke items

A Jumping Stool

Modern Art (Jim Steinmeyer)

A DaKolta Chair

Linking Rings (sets of 3)

Locking Flap Slates

Card Fountain

Top Hat Champagne Bucket


"But surely nothing could cause you
to do something so drastic as
sell all this valuable stuff!"


Why EVER would I do this?

I have been ripped off and have serious cash flow problems that just won't go away. I can't battle any more, so I am taking the only course of action I can.

>> Let me tell you more (click here)

Yes, A Lifetime's Work ... Gone!

It was a devastating loss. Many people would have given up, retired, but those who know me know I am not a quitter. I've had to pick myself up again and rebuild. Sure it's been tough. I've had to put myself into embarrassing situations, take chances and put my all into recreating as much as I needed, as much as I could.

I gave myself 2 years!

I knew it would be impossible to regain what I had. But I could make some harsh decisions and recreate the most valuable, original and worthwhile material, and meanwhile attempt to carry on working as best I could. And that's where I have been. I've performed a little and designed and rewritten masses. I've also improved my online skills so that I can handle what I will face at the next stages.

But the lack of performance work means I am still broke.

As you'll read, I had to move home again, there were further injuries and another computer crash! But I've picked myself up, and bounced back - thanks to a couple of very special people who have helped me through the toughest times.

I've done well ... I'm almost there!

For some time now I have planned to sell a few items to make space. You know how it is! Especially as I have moved my home and my storage several times in recent years. I have spent a fortune storing many of these items, much more than their final worth. But now I have to sell it all anyway. I moved to somewhere very small and there simply isn't room. Simple as that.

So it has to go!

I admit, some of the stuff, much of it, I never even look at any more. It's been stored since it was last used many many months ago, years in some cases! Other things, however, I have used and looked at on a frequent basis. It'll hurt to 'release' these. When I have consultancy projects, new clients I coach or workshops to design ... that's when I dip into my library for inspiration and solutions. But there's enough reasons why I have to let go of these 'wants' and deal with the more urgent 'needs':

To create more space where I am now

To save the cost of moving them yet again

To save the cost of storing them again

To raise funds to keep on going

To get the burden off my mind

To allow others (you) to make use of them

To urgently raise funds so I can give it to those I have made a promise to! 

My urgent need is your gain! Paying off some aged debts is long overdue and I need to get a clean start! You are an integral part of that process and I'll reward you for that. Each item is worth much more than the prices listed ... so you can get all these at bargain basement rates.

I Must Sell All These NOW!

If these are the kind of things you could make use of, could benefit from, would like to pick up for a song ... just one small step will get you the details as soon as they are ready.

"Yes please send me details of the magic items
as soon as they become available"

Now simply fill in this form and you'll be put on my priority notification list
NOTE: Your personal information will not be abused. I hate SP*M as much as you do!



First Name:

Last Name:



Thanks and I look forward to receiving your email


John Gordon
Disappearing Nightly!

P.S.  Any price offers for job lots will be seriously considered.

P.P.S.  Please inform anyone you think would be interested and send them to this page

P.P.P.S. If you know of other forums, chat groups, message boards this could be mentioned on, please do so and let me know which.

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