Girl From Cake
The magical surprise appearance of
'someone special' at celebration events


Imagine the scene ...

It's a party - maybe the 40th birthday of a client. He's the company executive, the CEO, the boss. Imagine that moment when they ask hi up to make a speech, two waiters wheel in a tiered cake, the guests all sing "Happy Birthday" and he blows out the candles. Suddenly, out of the cake bursts A Marilyn Monroe lookalike and sings "Happy Birthday" directly to him.

Wouldn't THAT be the talking point of the event? You bet! It's a stunning surprise moment, a wonderful photo opportunity and something you'll get the credit for!

"John ... I can't thank you enough for your wonderful performance on Friday. Everyone is still talking about Ronald's face when Julie sprung from his cake. Thank you SO much for everything".

Diane P. Oxford

Bespoke Illusion

This is a bespoke illusion that has been a major feature of my programme for many years. I've performed this at private parties, corporate dinners, banquets, celebrity events, product launches, premieres and trade shows over the last 15 plus years

In all the time I've been doing this I have heard of no other performer offering this in the UK. This means you've got an exclusive market to capitalize on, only limited by your imagination and marketing abilities. You get everything you need to produce a girl from a celebration cake. I've performed this illusion many times each year and it's earned me in excess of 60K.

Book it just once every few weeks and that could be 5K - 10K this year.

And think what it will also do for your reputation!

"On behalf of our MD and the Board, may I thanks you for your superb performance last weekend ... the Marilyn Cake production was the perfect photo moment we'd hoped for. Thanks again".

~ David ST.J
. Canterbury

I'm not selling tons of these ...
 just this one!

I only have the one. It was made as a one off and came into my possession many years ago when my company, MagicWorks, started to do illusions. At that time I didn't have anything to offer at events that was in the illusion category. Clients would enquire about close-up and then ask what illusion I could perform as a cabaret.

I had nothing. I didn't want to get into that whole business of hiring assistants, rehearsals, needing a van ... nightmare! But I hated seeing clients go away to find another act! "Can you saw my wife in half?" "Can you produce my son for his Barmitzvah?" "Can you make the MD levitate?" I'm sure you've had these, and more, and maybe you even fulfil some of those. I've had solutions to the sawing request, but I never really liked it and didn't always find it visible enough.

"As you know, we've always loved the personalisation and intimacy of your work and your surprise production of my daughter on Friday night topped it all. How EVER did you do that?".

~ Christine B
. London

"But I don't have an illusion act!"

If you perform close-up and perhaps a cabaret and are considering adding something else you can offer clients, then just as this became the perfect solution for me, perhaps it can be for you too.

Not only can you please clients by offering it as a surprise, but market as a stand alone item and then get booked for close-up too. It really does have the potential to allow you to stand out in a crowded, competitive market.

"But I don't have a van!"

What you get is the illusion structure itself comprising a purpose build trolly, made of strong square section metal, with folding legs and castors. On top of this is the cake base which can be redecorated from tiime to time to suit the occasion. This folds all away within itself into a 'box' with a blue leathercloth cover. In this state it measures 00"x00"x00" and will go through an average car door onto the rear seats.

In addition there is a board with drapes. I also changed these frequently to match the decor or theme. The current one has seen better days but a few minutes with some fabric, ribbon and a staple gun does the trick.

The main illusion provides the base level of the tiered cake. On most occasion I would have a fresh iced sponge cake base made and sit this on a board and set of pedestals, insert candles in the top. If the client wished for this to be their cake, suitable for cutting and eating, then this was discussed with them.

"Perfect John. We all loved the way it provided a real feature without the big set up often associated with illusions. Ideal ... I'll call you again soon".

~ Pierre B. Banqueting Manager, Cheltenham

I'll also provide a file with thoughts, ideas and presentation tips so that you can gain from my experience and work this without hitches.

"Can I see a photo?"

I am unable (for copyright reasons) to show you lots of action shots of this. I had others but lost these in a hard drive crash (see my story). But here's what it looks like. One waiter has just removed the real cake on pedestals with candles that were blown out, and this captures that moment when the Bunny Girl pops out and surprises the Birthday Boy! She would then be assisted out rapidly to take him onto the dance floor.

"Where can I perform this?"

I've performed this at so many events, the list is endless.
Here's just a few:

Barmitzvahs & Batmitzvahs
Leaving parties
Product Launches
Annual Conference
Stag / Hen Parties
Themed Nights


"What a night! Despite the alcohol flow I DO remember all too well that girl who somehow appeared from my cake. Have you got any more cake ...but don't tell my wife!".

~ James L. Surrey

"What About The Girl?"

Well, I can't provide everything! Here's what I've done plus some additional ideas for you:

Check out the Look-Alike Agencies and find a Monroe who sings the "Happy Birthday" classic originally performed for the President of the USA.

Use any model, suitable girl and dress her as a Vegas Showgirl for a glitzy themed production and presentation of a gift.

'Bunny Girl' - with bottle of champagne

Pop Star Look-Alike. Produce a Tom Jones, Elvis, Britney, Kylie etc at a Barmitzvah or other birthday

Relative - I've produced a surprise guest from overseas after reading out a telegram that they couldn't be there!

Soccer Player - produce popular guest at boys party, like a local soccer star to sign autographs, photo opps and demonstrate ball skills.

Produce the Barmitzvah boy at start of his celebration dinner.

Ditto BatMitzvah for hers.

"How Much?"

"Daniel was so pleased to be involved with your cabaret and to produce him like you did was a wonderful twist. We all thought he'd missed the cake moment!".

~ Angela W. Essex

Really this illusion should be around 2500. But it is used and I need to get rid of it. I have to move and have no room to store anymore. I have listed it previously at the full price but it needs to go over the next week. So ...

Previously offered for

Special Spring Clearance Price
60% off
Now only

Remember ... this packs pretty small and plays VERY BIG.

You've become a crucial part of the event.

You have a distinction that makes you stand out from the competition!


To your success!

John Gordon
Disappearing Nightly!


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+44 (0)7932 163012

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