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This is the fantastic Crazy Fall Apart Stool. I have no recollection now where it came from or who manufactured it, but have an idea it may have been Supreme. I bought it directly and used it for many years in my family cabaret shows ... but no longer have a routine that is appropriate.

In case you are unfamiliar with the prop, here's what happens:

The stool is set onstage for use later. Perhaps at the start of a particular routine you would move the stool casually to a position at the side. This is done in full view and establishes that it is a 'regular' seat.

Later, you may bring someone onstage to help. I found it works great with a child of perhaps 8 to 12 years, but is fine for almost any age. After the usual introductions you ask them to bring their seat nearer and sit down. When they go and pick it up, all the legs fall off clattering to the floor (with a nice woody sound) and they are left holding just the top!
It appears as if they have broken your  stool!

For those who know the value of well placed comedy props (like breakaway wands, breakaway boxes and so on) ... you'll love this little seen prop. I sometimes primed the parents for this great photo moment!

The brilliant thing is (unlike a jumping stool) this can be used as a normal stool for earlier parts of your show. And that's how I used it myself, as a stand for a flight case used throughout for props. Then, in a finale routine it was part of a series of chaotic mishaps.

The mechanism is delightfully simple, so easy to set up and triggered on stage with a minimal natural action. It's so simple there is not way it can go wrong, ensuring you laughs every time.

The stool details are as follows:

Top: 14" x 14" (35.5cm x 35.5cm)
Height: Almost 19" (48cm)

It is fairly light, solid and stained in dark wood
finish with a sunburst style top.
Condition is very good considering it's use - just a few scratches as shown in the photo.

I've searched for these on the internet and not found one. They are certainly in short supply IF available at all. I'm tempted to keep hold of it, but, no, it's got to go....

Special Clearance Price

If you want this brilliant prop .. I'd move fast. It could be gone whilst you are thinking about it. I have posted this list to a number who have expressed interest in stage and cabaret items ... professionals who know the value of solid, commercial effects.

"What about collection or delivery?"

This is the price if you collect from my home / office in Leamington Spa / Coventry. Delivery by courier with insurance can be arranged but naturally I will need to charge for this. Alternatively, if you are unable to collect, you can arrange your own collection by courier. This is in fact my preferred method - and I will ensure it is properly packaged for safe delivery.

To express interest in this, send an email to me at the address below. Please state how you'd like delivery to take place in case any costs need to be added. You'll then be given my PayPal info (and any relevant revised total amounts) and asked to make a payment to complete your purchase. If you don't have a PayPal account, it's very easy to make a payment ... go and look now! I will acknowledge safe receipt and then arrange collection / delivery at a time to suit us both.

Remember: The stool can be set and unset at any time simply by you moving the stool from one place to another. On placing it down, a simple move and it's set!


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To your success!

John Gordon
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