E-Z Magic's
Crystal Casket
+ Money From Thin Air


The cube not one of those tiny close-up ones, it's 8.25" x 8.25", large enough to be visible for any size show. I've used this in meeting rooms, in booths and on stands at trade shows, on platforms, on stages and in arenas.

For those who don't know or who don't immediately see the commercial possibilities, let me give you some insight into the uses to which I have put this over many years.

This is perhaps most often performed using large silks (or anything that will fit inside the disguised load chamber and them, when released, spring open to fill the cube). It can be full to begin with. These would be removed and perhaps vanished. They are then made to visibly reappear inside.

But I was more interested in using it for 'corporate presentations' and liked the idea of producing money from thin air. I had many different variations on this theme and you are only limited by your imagination. This means, as they say, that you are not limited at all!

This prop has been a central part of many product launches, trade shows and business seminars for over 15 years.

"If you were a real magician, you'd be able to produce loads of money!"

"As a service company with little to demonstrate, the show was an unbelievable difference this year. Together we created a presentation which highlighted the essential features and hammered home the benefits with your visual effects in a way we never thought possible. Truly magical".  

Peter H. - Trade Show Client - Financial Sector

One idea I used was to start with just a small denomination note and an investment bond or policy inside, that's all. Or this could be an insurance policy. Or how about an artwork or an image of a piggy bank. Then, after suitable patter about the product or message about investments, insurance or savings ... produce a casket bursting with money (representing the interest, gains, savings etc).

SO I had some 'spring money' made up by the brilliant Patrick Page. At that time I used a replica (of a 5 note) as a business card and these were used to make the 40+ notes you'll get with this prop. Each one is hand made with quality spring steel and these alone would cost you in excess of 150 to get made now.

Great for Trade Shows, Cabarets, Comedy Clubs, Stage Shows,
Product Launches, Awards Dinners, Sales Meetings, Training Events, Conferences, Seminars, After Dinner Speeches, Weddings, Divorces ...

"OK, I'm Sold ... How Much For It All?"

What I'm selling here is the Crystal Casket PLUS the spring currency. Forty six notes that will fit inside the chamber then spring open to fill the space. You'll also get the original sheet of brief instructions from E-Z Magic that came with the cube and the card carrier box for protection.


This prop has landed me countless presentations at training days and Trade Shows for the financial sector, sales meetings and team building events. It has also served as an introductory piece for speaker introductions at many conferences. If you work in or are planning breaking into the corporate presentation market, then I know you'll see the immediate value of this.

"Your presentation not only highlighted the key points we needed, it made an otherwise dull occasion into a memorable event that will really increase our bottom line. Thanks John".  

~ Russell G. - Client / Product Launch

So I am pricing this at a level that represents great value but that will stop anyone not really serious about buying and it sitting in a loft! Pros will know the value of this prop and what an investment it is.

The price is

I only have one of these and one set of the special notes. When it's gone, it's gone.

This is the price if you collect from my home / office in Leamington Spa / Coventry. Delivery by courier with insurance can be arranged but naturally I will need to charge for this. Alternatively, if you are unable to collect, you can arrange your own collection by courier. This is in fact my preferred method - and I will ensure it is properly packaged for safe delivery.

To express interest in this, send an email to me at the address below. Please state how you'd like delivery to take place in case any costs need to be added. You'll then be given my PayPal info (and any relevant revised total amounts) and asked to make a payment to complete your purchase. If you don't have a PayPal account, it's very easy to make a payment ... go and look now! I will acknowledge safe receipt and then arrange collection / delivery at a time to suit us both.


Cell phone
+44 (0)7932 163012

To your success!

John Gordon
Disappearing Nightly!

Remember ... this is a very visible production that delivers a powerful message to any nationality audience.

Use this to visually demonstrate Investment, Banking, Saving, Growth, Success, Futures, Achievement ... the events and markets are endless.

This is a unique bespoke combination ... you have an opportunity to make this a real signature piece for your corporate presentations.

So ... if you are serious about your magic business, make a decision now and it's yours!

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